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If you entered a company name, then the information will be displayed immediately. Many public and college libraries have a reference desk staffed with reference librarians.

Employer Identification Number

These professionals are skilled at helping to find information. They will often have access to databases such as Westlaw or Lexis-Nexis which might have the FTIN information that you are looking for.

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Many companies are listed with the SEC under names similar to but not exactly their well-known name. When using a zip code search with Melissa Data, ensure that you are looking in the correct zip code for the corporate offices, rather than a local office. Van Fredrick is an IT expert with many years of business management experience.

How Do You Get a Business Tax ID Number?

Writesfor internal and external clients including Demand Studios. Share It. Other EINs may be available by asking the organisation concerned, and are sometimes published on their websites. Generally, businesses need an EIN.

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The timeliness, availability, and licensing of this data varies among all 50 states. There is no federal dataset that contains all corporate registrations. It would be possible to create a unified open registry for all US corporations even if only via aggregation from state ones but this does not exist at this time. When a business changes its structure, it will usually be issued a new ID number.

Why is Important to obtain an Employee Identification Number (EIN) for your Business Entity?

The United States federal government uses a federal tax identification number for business identification. Either the grantor, owner, or trustee of an organization will be issued an EIN. Third-parties applying for an EIN must identify themselves as a third-party designee.

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You can use the EIN to research information about different businesses. It is sometimes possible to perform a federal ID tax lookup for free, but there are also paid services that can be used. Businesses will use their FTIN to correctly file documents with the federal government.

Employees can find their employer's EIN by referencing their W2 forms. In most cases, small businesses are not required to have an Employee Identification Number. If, for example, somebody is running their business as a sole proprietorship and they have no other employees, they're most likely not going to need an EIN. If, however, the business in question has more than one employee or they have chosen to structure themselves as either a corporation or a partnership, they're going to need to apply for an Employee Identification Number.

Some other things that might trigger the need for an Employee Identification Number might include:.

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If you're a business owner and you're not sure if you need to file for an EIN, it is probably in your best interest to contact an attorney with knowledge and experience in this area to examine your specific situation and help you determine if this is something you'll need to do. It's not a good idea to proceed without knowing for sure whether or not you're going to need an EIN. Almost every publicly traded company will possess a filings page. On the filings page provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission, you can find the EIN number for a business by clicking the SEC Securities and Exchange Commission filing and reading the first page of the document.

If you frequently need to search for business EINs, then you may want to sign up for a commercial database service.

What is an Employer Identification Number (EIN)?

With a Commercial EIN database, you may have access to special offers that provide you with a certain number of free searches before you will need to pay a fee. Several methods exist for looking up a business's tax ID. Generally, the searcher will need to provide a few basic details, including the type of entity for which they are searching.

This online service is completely free.