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This should pull up a hidden menu called "Testing". Go to "Phone information" and you can find your background phone number in the second line. If you still use Sprint, dial , go to "Data Profile", and the phone number will be the first part of the username. I hope this helps!

Feel free to correct any details and share if this helped you in the comments. Hm this doesn't seem to work on my 3. Worked fine on my 1. Maybe Samsung has a different code. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. How to find your hidden background number on T-Mobile or Sprint. More posts from the republicwireless community.

Free Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup Sprint - Free Reverse Cell Phone Numbers

Right now, it only works from Verizon to Verizon calls, but it's working on the interconnection between other providers. It even comes pre-loaded on some Verizon variants of Android phones but is only available to postpaid accounts, so it's not for prepaid users.

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Verizon's free app provides spam detection, a spam filter, and the ability to report numbers. Once installed, you can use Verizon Call Filter to get alerts for spam calls and robocalls even if your smartphone doesn't include the feature in its default phone app. Paid services include caller ID, personal spam and block lists, a risk assessment of the call, and the ability to lookup spam, as well as all the free features.

However, it has gone a step further already in a partnership with Comcast that started in April — the first interconnection between different networks.

Free Reverse Cell Phone Numbers

Right now, if you're a T-Mobile customer, calls will be verified if originated from T-Mobile's network or Comcast's Xfinity Voice home lines. Comcast customers won't get verification from T-Mobile's network until later in The catch is that Caller Verified, for now, is only supported by the following devices running the latest software for either T-Mobile or Metro subscribers. More devices will be coming in the future.

It provides advanced control over who can reach you via a phone call. With Name ID, you can block and unblock callers from your call log, even if your phone doesn't include a blocking feature. Once blocked, calls will never reach you even when your phone is off.

You can also block calls from a specific category, such as telemarketers, political calls, and survey. You can even prevent calls which were tagged as nuisance calls for even more control.

What Does Sprint Do With Returned Phones

Name ID also provides an advanced caller ID system which can identify the name of the caller, even if they appear as unknown initially. You can even do a reverse phone lookup to figure the source of a text message you received. The downside to Name ID is that it does require a monthly subscription.

All other plans will be charged, and it's limited to postpaid only.

Bring your phone along!

T-Mobile also has free services to help stop scam calls. First, there's Scam ID , which displays "Scam Likely" for an incoming call it believes to be from a scammer or robocall. The service is free of charge for all postpaid subscribers and is turned on by default. Second is "Scam Block," which automatically blocks "Scam Likely" calls from reaching your phone. It's also free of charge, though, you do have to enable it. Using this, they can block robocalls before they reach subscribers automatically.

You can install it for free from both the Play Store and the App Store. The free app also comes with a "Plus" version with an in-app purchase.

For the free version, spam calls are blocked automatically, suspected fraudulent calls will provide a warning, and you'll also have a personal block list for calls you don't want. It pairs with the Mobile Security free app Android iOS , a separate download, which provides basic security features such as scanning apps and files for malware and viruses, as well as reports when a data breach occurs. It pairs with the Mobile Security Plus version, at no additional cost, which includes a secure VPN for public Wi-Fi, alerts when the Wi-Fi network you join is dangerous, and "theft" alerts for any suspicious activity detected on your phone.

It also has the most accurate and complete caller ID information as well.