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He found his career path early. In , Singer went on tour with hard-rock goddess Lita Ford, and a year later joined Black Sabbath. Singer, 51, was on his way to Detroit for tour rehearsals when he phoned to chat Tuesday afternoon. Tell me about the preshow ritual of putting on your Kiss makeup. Gene will play deejay a lot of time. He likes to pull out old crazy blues stuff and doo-wop.

Click here to read the rest. L et's go. Good luck! The band previewed their awesome new stage while filming footage for their "Modern Day Delilah" video as well as two songs for an upcoming episode of the Jimmy Kimmel Show. He mentioned, that he will be coming to Europe in November. Kiss' love affair with Detroit -- and the city's relationship with the legendary costumed rock outfit -- has lasted longer than many marriages. The group recorded the bulk of its "Alive" album here, kicked off its reunion tour at Tiger Stadium in and gave the city one of its most enduring anthems and monikers, "Detroit Rock City.

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Before we were headlining anywhere, we were headlining in Detroit. The band decided to open its latest tour, dubbed "Kiss Alive 35," at Cobo when they heard the arena might be in trouble. Tour dates for the trek were already booked, but they tacked on two shows at the front of the tour to return to the city -- and the arena -- that helped make them famous.

Kissin UK has just done an interview with Ace Frehley. He said he will be touring Europe before the end of the year. Click here to read the full interview.

Click here to listen to the interview. See our Web site for more details. Add an Academy Award-winning film division with product like The Deep, Midnight Express, Foxes, and The Hollywood Knights and you begin to understand why Casablanca became the hottest record label of the s. Ace will sit in live with me and preview tracks from the new CD and more. Ace has called in frequently the last few months but now that he's back on the E Coast he will hang in studio with me. The poll on the home page for reaction to new Kiss and Ace songs will stay up for a few more days.

I noticed now over people have voted and Ace has puilled ahead in the head to head. Still a little time to make your opinion heard. I am now doing press being interviewed about the upcoming new season of TMS.

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Amazing how many people are asking me to talk about Ace or Kiss. I can not comment on the Kiss album because I simply have not heard anything but the single yet. Listen to the Ace interview live this Friday on Q All affiliate stations that carry my show get it the next weekend at the usual time.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for your support of Anomaly I just got the 1st week chart numbers And we should all be proud of ourselves!!! I couldn't have done it without you Paul told me they may make a KISS record, which he'll produce. A real 70s KISS style record.


If Paul can stop painting which is his other career And this time Ross Halfin talked also to me!!! As I was saying, we are so excited about the new amazing album from KISS, their first studio album in almost 11 years, and the entire buzz about it started from those few lines on your blog [link]!!!

Years has passed and your photos made the covers of the most famous magazines around. Does the music scene from a photographer perspective changed a lot from those days? Has it changed?

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Of course it has. Bands expect you to work for nothing, for the honour of shooting photos. This is not helped by the fact that every idiot with a digital camera thinks that they are a photographer. Some nice recollections about that period? The band had me come on stage and I did a line up shot with the audience behind them. I believe KISS is the most visual band in the rock scene and making photos at their concert must be a blast.

It's quite hard to shoot KISS because they wear a lot of white make up and use a lot of white light making it hard to balance the exposure. When they use coloured light it's good. The video screens make it tough as well. Paul Stanley, are you close friend I guess! Out of all the rock stars I know you can't say many are your friends. I guess Paul Stanley is, which is nice as I started off as a fan. Paul is one of those people that will always reply to your email or phone call. The Love Gun Paul Stanley was at the hotel for lunch with his family.

Jimmy and I chatted with him and his son Evan. Classic KISS, what more could you want? I suppose you have listened to the whole record, any favourite track? I haven't heard it yet. I am looking forward to getting it on CD and listening to it on the stereo.

KISS Ace Frehley vinyl at Juno Records.

I'm very old school that way. Reading your diary it seems the world is your town!!! You are always in a place different from the previous day. Are you planning to follow some dates of the forthcoming KISS tour? Ross, thanks again spending your time with me and for the cool insides you usually provide us. A Concertology from - It features live performance statistics and set lists from Kiss and related concerts Click here for more details. Paul stated that the tour will run till next summer and that they will be playing at least 3 new songs in the set! They asked them about Sonic Boom being leaked and they said there's nothin they could do about it!

Paul was happy about the responces the fans have posted about it so far. He did let the cat out of the bag and said the new show is a HUGE screen behind the band and that there would cool surprizes during the show! He heard the Ace CD and liked it alot and hopes Ace stays clean and is happy. Tommy said he's not hurt about the comments Ace has posted about the leads on Sonic Boom and said he so happy with Sonic Boom and can't wait for everyone to hear it and that the band is on fire and will kick your ass on this tour.

I'm going to both shows at Cobo and I'll post my reveiws.

KISS - Charisma (Vinyl)

They are part of an eclectic group of 12 acts in contention for the class. Only five acts make it in.

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The 25th annual induction ceremony is slated for March 15 in New York City. The inductees will be announced in December. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will ask him your questions. Ace is promoting his new release Anomaly and we are pleased to be part of the selected few to interview Ace and talk about this new one.

Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer und Eric Singer will celebrate the 35 year history of one of the biggest rock bands of all times on a tour across North America. An absolute must-have item for every KISS fan! USB wristbands and CDs can be purchased right at the venue of each concert! To ensure maximum quality, all tracks are recorded live and are mixed with state-of-the-art recording technology by Concert Online.