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Please check your records and try again. To obtain a new code, contact the person or organization that gave you the code. A: They may sound the same, but these two types of searches are distinct. Federal criminal searches report information from federal district courts and contain only specific federal offenses, including high-level or white-collar crimes and crimes that cross state lines.

The National Criminal Database Search casts a wide net to search a variety of sources and millions of records to find the locations of potential crimes nationwide. What is the average turnaround time for a national criminal database search? What is this?

Access driving records, credit reports, resume verification, drug screening and more. This is why a direct courthouse search is the only guaranteed way to bring back the most up to date records in any given jurisdiction.

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We have a nationwide network of experienced criminal record researchers who know the local, state and federal courthouses and court clerks and actually go on site to retrieve the criminal records you are searching for. A federal criminal search is conducted by ordering searches of records at a particular US District Court for crimes that are federally prosecuted.

A statewide search may yield information from multiple counties in a given state, useful for discovering crimes outside of the immediate area in which the requested subject lives or works. Since local law enforcement report felony and misdemeanor charges to county court houses, county criminal record searches are one of the most powerful sources for uncovering criminal records.

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This allows background screeners to clear thousands of people every day without ever touching the report. Our portfolio includes some of the largest background screening companies and we continue to meet the expectations of their growing business. Run an instant database search on An Employee Myself. Comprehensive Personal or Employee Background Checks. Why use CIAdata?

Simply and easily determine or resolve a person's fundamental personal facts with comprehensive background checks - including legal name, date of birth, SSN search, current and last known addresses and phone numbers, plus other identity background search including birth records and death records.

Asset search and data verification for buyers of pre-owned vehicles, vehicle operators, and parties to an accident.

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Results include driver's license information; owned and leased vehicle registrations and VIN numbers; licensed drivers at same address; plus watercraft and FAA aircraft data. Help your career thrive by verifying the public data available to potential employers.

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Establish the validity of legally-registered professional licenses, permits, and credentials; clarify past criminal records search and occupational disciplinary actions; review your past worker's compensation claims; and double-check basic personal data for employee background checks.