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As the most centrally-located county in Maryland and site of the state capital of Annapolis, Anne Arundel County is in many ways the heart of Maryland. Half a million people call the county home. Skip Navigation. Enter Search Phrase Search. Home Government Close. Putting Communities First.

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Move Anne Arundel! Report Why are arrest records excluded from these checks, and how can employers review arrest history information if they wish to do so? This white paper answers these questions and provides state-by-state information on the proper use of arrest histories for employment decisions. The Controversy over Arrest Records in Employment Arrest records, like other types of criminal record information, are generally part of the public record.

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The most common exception involves arrest records pertaining to an ongoing law enforcement investigation. Some states require arrest records to be destroyed or wiped from the public record if the subject is not charged or found guilty or if the charges against the subject are dropped. As such, background check companies typically find this information during their investigations.

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However, most background check agencies will not include details about arrest histories in their background check reports. There is some controversy about the use of arrest history information in employment decisions.

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One reason for this controversy is arrest records are not significant on their own. Without a conviction, an arrest record is not proof someone is guilty of a crime. If arrest records are included in a background check report, they can lead to candidates being disqualified for job consideration for crimes for which they were never actually charged, or for offenses of which they were not found guilty.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has issued several points of guidance to help employers navigate this complex situation. The first point of guidance is employers who use arrest records as an outright disqualification for employment are likely discriminating against minorities or protected groups.

The second point of guidance is employers are at liberty to be suspicious of a candidate if he or she has a history of arrests. However, if those arrests are not linked to convictions, the employer must investigate the case further to determine whether the candidate or employee committed the offenses in question. Since most employers do not have the resources or know-how to conduct such an investigation, background check companies are protecting them from potential discrimination claims or lawsuits by not disclosing arrest records.

While employers would be wise to follow this guidance to avoid discriminatory hiring policies, the EEOC does not make the laws. There is no federal law that prohibits businesses from considering arrest records for employment purposes. There are many parts of the country where employers can use arrest records if 1 they wish to do so and 2 they are willing to do the research to find them. Just because there is no federal law concerning the use of arrest records in employment situations does not mean there are no laws, period.

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Many states have passed legislation that limits, regulates, or outright bans the use of arrest histories for employment decisions. To help employers learn where they stand, we offer a comprehensive overview of the 50 states and Washington, D.

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States that ban the use of arrest records completely Several states ban the use of arrest records for hiring purposes. The laws in these states do not prohibit employers from looking at arrest records. California, New York, and Wisconsin all allow employers to consider arrest records if charges are still pending against the subject.

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More often than not, they are not reported anywhere else. The public nature of your DUI arrest can have negative consequences on both your personal, and your professional life.

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If you want to know more about how your arrest record may impact you, and what steps you can take to potentially seal your record, consult a capable DUI attorney today. Depending on the county, they would be stored in one central location before they are moved back out for trial. If a person is assigned to the Catonsville District Court, chances are that file will be there while waiting for the trial.

If a person is in Towson or Essex, that is the same presumption, but if for some reason it was changed at a later date, they would have to transfer the file over, so that file does travel from courthouse to courthouse. That is the main court file.